Together, we bring hope.

Together, we bring opportunities.

Together, we bring sustainable solutions.

Together, we bring hope, opportunity and sustainable solutions to those in need.

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We’re Changing the World

We have a passion to change the world and with the support of people like you, we’re truly making a difference. From sustainable agriculture to health care to new business development, we’re providing positive transformation in the lives of those in desperate need. To enable this to happen, there is a global community of people and teams all across the world pushing this common vision.



Empowering Entrepreneurs to Change the World

To solve the world’s problems, we need more problem-solvers, more changemakers, and it starts with the next generation of international entrepreneurs. Our business training initiative, the International Development and Technical Institute, is developing international entrepreneurs to change the world.



Sprout Agriculture

We are commited to developing long-term, sustainable solutions for impoverished communities in Asia. Sprout Agriculture is training local people in organic, sustainable, environmentally friendly farming methods and growing delicious cherries and apples along the way. You can support this incredible work by donating now.

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