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Easy Ways to Give

Donate with PayPal

When giving with PayPal, please fill in the appropriate box with the specific names or projects you would like to support.

Donate with Credit Card

To set up a one time or recurring credit card donation please complete this form and return by email to solbon@solbon.org. All gifts by credit card are subject to merchant fees.

PDF Credit Card Form

Donate with EFT

To set up a one time or recurring donation direct from your bank account please complete this form and return by email to solbon@solbon.org. You can use your check or savings account and there are no merchant fees.


Thank You For Your Donation!

Many employers offer matching gifts for donations to non-profit organizations. Check this list to find out if you can double your contribution to Solbon International.


For information or if you have any questions, please contact: donations@solbon.org

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Why Solbon?

We bring sustainable solutions to communities in need, wherever they may be, even to the most remote, hardest to reach places on earth. We go where the challenge is greatest, and we’re committed to overcoming the obstacles others consider impossible to overcome. Together we can bring hope, opportunity, and sustainable solutions to those in need.

Donate to Sustainable Solutions to Change the World

Your tax-deductible donation to Solbon International truly makes a difference! Because we are solely a non-profit organization, we rely on grants, public donations, and voluntary labor to provide our services.